I felt like more than just an employee of yours, but more like someone who you helped build a future for. It was a pleasure working for you these last three months, and I will be sure to tell anyone who is seeking employment go to the best, STIVERS!!!

Zsa Zsa B., Customer Service Specialist

The staff in Encino were instrumental in getting me the job I have now. Your company literally saved my sanity and my life at a time when things just were not going as I had planned. I am forever in your debt for all this company has done for me. In other words, I cannot thank Stivers enough for everything they have done for me.

Elizabeth L., Receptionist

I feel it’s important for employers to know that when they get a good temp from Stivers it’s not just luck – that there’s much work, thought and planning behind it. I’ve found Stivers to be responsive and professional.

Patricia R., Executive Administrative Assistant

Positions ranging from executive assistants to file clerks have been filled promptly with keen interest into finding an appropriate replacement. A customer service oriented approach and a high level of service that you provide allows us to continue with little disruption.

Paula G., Staffing and Compensation Coordinator