Stivers Staffing Joins the TalentLaunch Network and Names John Lewin as President

CLEVELAND, OH – November 18, 2019 – Stivers Staffing Services, the nation’s oldest staffing agency, recently joined TalentLaunch and named John Lewin as its President. Mr. Lewin is responsible for the growth and overall performance of this professional staffing company. TalentLaunch, a nationwide network of staffing and recruitment firms, has been named one of the… Read More »

Stivers Turns 70!

Founded November 5, 1945 by Clifford L. Stivers founded a temporary help company to meet the growing demand for temporary clerical services in Chicago. A pioneer in the temporary services industry, Stivers devised his own system of testing skills, hired a statistician to validate test scores, and instituted the concept of quality control. He expanded… Read More »

Career Success

You know the old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough become successful”? Okay, well that may not be the exact saying but nonetheless it’s true. Even though our economy has hit a few rough patches the past year or two, some people continue to be extremely successful. So how can you mirror that… Read More »

5 Productivity Tips

Nearly every business in the world could benefit from workforce flexibility. But what many professionals don’t realize is that “temps” can be used for more than just fill-ins for sick and vacation time. In fact, when used strategically, temporary staffing can improve productivity, increase capacity to handle spikes in workload, and provide access to specialized… Read More »